Xbox Kinect beta testers are already receiving the newly redesigned dashboard updates this week, with Microsoft getting ready to ship out Kinect hardware any day now. Gamers being prompted to accept the system update are finding a wealth of tweaks and changes, including the streamlined and flatter interface, improved Avatar editor, and more.

Not selected to test drive the new hotness, and forced to wait until the fall? No a problem! Thanks to a lack of reading comprehension, and people’s inability to adhere to the “Do not post this” rules set forth under the beta testing agreement, now the entire internet can get a good look at what’s coming up in just a few months. Like magic. Tipsters are snapping images left and right, and sending in the screens to sites like Kotaku, spilling the precious Kinect beans. These might look familiar to you.

Looks…cleaner, maybe? Not drastically overhauled, but not identical, either. Like what the NXE should have looked like 2 years ago. A nice mix between the original blades interface, and the updates slides. The dashboard update is slated to go live for users prior to November 4th launch of the device, and will also introduce the Kinect-only Kinect Hub and improved voice chat.

[Update]: Video added.

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