Prick up your ears; we have an important announcement.  And as much as I would like to announce the revival of Ecto Cooler as part of some genius Ghostbusters 3 promotion, I’m sorry to say that, that is a bit out of our jurisdiction.

As discussed on episode 225 of The Gamer’s Garage, Would You Kindly wants to expand.  Our growth began with Life.exe, The Floor is Lava and Mailbag of Holding, but we had bigger plans in mind.  This is where you can help.

At Would You Kindly, or WYK if you prefer brevity, dude, we create unique content that you can’t find anywhere else.  If you came here looking for the latest Nintendo press release, then you made a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

We will feature shows that cover video games, movies, TV series’, and comic books.  If you have an idea for a show or if you have an existing show that you would like to feature on our site, we’re ready to listen.

Even better, we want to sponsor three shows (Yes, you heard correctly, three shows), exclusive to WYK, naturally, for a year (And possibly beyond that).  During that time, WYK covers the cost of hosting, and since the shows will be on our site, the hosts won’t have to worry about anything except creating and editing their content.  That’s a pretty good deal, and you don’t have to camp outside Best Buy to get it.

Established podcast/vidcast already? No problem. We’ll help you make the transition with RSS feeds, etc.

If you are interested in becoming part of WYK, which I have tentatively named the Lair of the Wolfman Janitor, and simultaneously join Klaus’ Snickerdoodle cupcake club, then send an email to , Crash (, or Justin ( for more information.

Please note that Klaus retains the right to reject anyone from joining the Snickerdoodle cupcake club.

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