WWE Legends of WrestleMania is a wrestling game built on Yukes Smackdown engine. Play as the greatest wrestlers of all time, as you relive some of the most historical moments in WWE history.


The controls are fine, but sometimes can be a pain. The game only uses the face buttons: A,B,X,Y and left analog stick, which comes in handy, especially for players new to the WWE games. The controls can also be a pain at times as a lot of the buttons do more then one action which can sometimes screw you up, especially when you’re trying to climb the turnbuckle and end up outside of the ring.


The gameplay is very similar to the Smackdown games but easier, faster paced and much more arcade-like. Moves are done using the A button and left stick in any direction. Legends moves a lot faster then the Smackdown games which, is a huge plus for wrestling fans that get annoyed by the sluggish feel of the previous wrestling games.


After you beat the legends mode/relive/rewrite/redefine there is not much left to do. You can import the roster and created wrestlers from Smackdown 2009 if you have a gamesave, to add new wrestlers to the game.


This game is fun, fast, arcade-like, but definitely not worth $60 price tag. If you can rent this game, then go for it you’ll at least pick up some easy achievements on the 360. I’m a huge wrestling fan since back in the day so, i probably had more fun with this game then most people might. Die hard wrestling fans will probably enjoy playing Legends of Wrestling more then the usual WWE games. If your in need of something to play, like wrestling games and want some achievements then give this game a rent.


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