Last year at E3, Nintendo unveiled what was originally titled Project Cafe, which ended up being officially titled the WiiU. Since then, Nintendo has shown off many different first-party games in private demos for the gaming press. At CES 2012, not much was shown off for the gaming industry other than computers and future technologies, which includes the WiiU. Once again shown behind concealed doors, the WiiU had new demos to show. Some possibly good like the Zelda HD demo & some possibly bad such as the interactive virtual map.

Early today according to Reuters, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told reporters that the WiiU is expected to ship by ‘the crucial year-end shopping season later this year’. With twice the power of the Xbox 360, will the WiiU be strong enough to take a strong competitive edge to the next Xbox that could be releasing a year later? I have no idea, but the majority of gamers may have lost their faith already in what Nintendo can do to compete as a hardware developer. Hopefully, we’ll get our hands on the WiiU at E3.


NintendoEnthusiast posted that it is possible for the WiiU to maybe ship in Japan before the holidays. Their own source said this: “based on scheduled deliveries of key components, it’s possible that at least one market could receive shipments as early as the end of this summer.” Menashe continues to say that at E3 2011 Nintendo and Sega representatives said it was possible for the console to have a summer 2012 release.

Picture – WiiU Banner

Source – Reuters

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