Xbox 360’s fall 2011 dashboard revamp is apparently coming next month, a preview program/closed beta set to take place in the next few weeks, and thanks to a recent developer build leak you can take a video tour of the soon-to-be-new features.

Outside of screens, Microsoft’s not publicly shown off their new cross-platform Metro UI on the console since E3, so there’s a good chance much of this will be new to you. There’s all the expected tabs and features, albeit of a placeholder variety here and there, along with glimpses at new items like the forthcoming LIVE cloud storage and Live TV settings.

Keep in mind this latest dash revision has been designed to heavily utilize Kinect and voice controls, but the leaker appears to only be flicking through via he standard controller, so the final product experience will vary.

So far there’s been no comment on the leak, and for the time being the videos are still able to be viewed, so take a glance while you can.

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