UFC 2009 is a MMA game based on the popular sport of the same name. The game is made by Yukes out of Japan and is published for the Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 by THQ.


The controls are not easy to get use to, this is the one game where i would say do the training a few times before you even play the game, there’s a learning curve and it will take you awhile to get use to them. If you played fight night in the last few years you will enjoy this game, all the punches and kicks are mapped to the face buttons and all the take downs and grapples use the right stick.


Gameplay is fun, but slow at times, I say it’s slow at times because, If your fighting as a wrestler you have to take you opponent down and try to submit him or ground and pound him for the TKO. The game looks great, and all the fighters have a realistic look to them. In the game, the career mode while long, is your basic sports career mode with email and training before fights. The career mode took me about 7 hours to complete on expert. The classic fight mode adds some fun but sometimes frustrating objectives, if you have to for example, submit someone in the third round and one of your punches connects for a KO you have to start all over.


Replay value is very high, with the classic fights, career mode and the option to try out different weight classes you can easily continue playing through the game for quite some time. If you run out of things to do there is always online play for ranked matches and player matches. The online works extremely well too, yes, that’s right we finally have a fighting game that the online actually works on. The only problem with online is people quitting when they lose so they can keep their rank, it gets pretty frustrating because, when they quit, the match doesn’t count as a win.


UFC 2009 is a great game with a decent learning curve, if you just pickup the game up and try to play it without doing the training you will get your ass kicked, a lot. The game is all around fun but can be sometimes frustrating with the flash K.O’s and quitters during the online mode. All in all it’s a fun game, and with support for DLC this game could last for a long time. Make sure you give this game a chance, maybe rent it first and see if you like it, it truly is a great game and perfect for any UFC fan.


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