For those who enjoy playing casino games online, tablets have become the devices of choice. These devices were created to fulfill a void that was left between the smaller smartphones and the larger laptop. Tablets have screens with a minimum of 7 inches; many of them of course are larger than this. With a larger screen, it makes it much easy to game on these tablets. With the smaller size in comparison to a laptop, it makes it possible to hold the tablet within your hands as you work the touchscreen controls. Its smaller size also makes tablets ideal to take with you when on the go. Many tablet gamers find they can pull out the tablet just about anywhere and enjoy a quick gaming session. For these times, the top casino games at sites like are those that don’t require a lot of strategy and are quick to play.

Royal Derby is one of the games that fit this criteria. A simply and quick to play game, Royal Derby is essentially a horse racing simulation game. In the game, a total of six horses race around the track. Players must wager on which horse or horses they believe will win the race. Just like betting at the racetrack, Royal Derby does provide players with some data on the performance of each horse. This can be studied prior to a wager being placed on the game. A wager can be played on one horse or the top two placing horses.

Another game that is ideal for playing on the tablet is Dragon’s Fortune. This game is considered to be a scratch card game which means it plays quickly, something important to gamers on the go. The featured dragon will release six colored balls from its mouth. A value for a multiplier is written on the ball. To win Dragon’s Fortune, two of the balls must have a matching value. The player’s original bet would be multiplied by the multiplier amount found on the matching balls.

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