It’s been two years now since EA has released the re-branding of the Medal of Honor franchise. Well, EA is using Activision’s strategy but with the Medal of Honor and Battlefield franchises, comparing to Call of Duty. The question is, why would EA try to combat an Activision franchise when their two franchises could compliment the same genre by having a separate release window? I’m just some blogger that does this in his spare time so obviously I don’t know what I’m talking about, right?

Using the Frostbite 2.0 engine, Medal of Honor: Warfighter will feature Tier 1 operatives just like how the Medal of Honor reboot was two years ago. Being developed again by Danger Close, we don’t really know much about Warfighter, but everyone will be finding out more about it at GDC as Game Informer has reports in which the game will be shown off on March 6th.

While the news of a new Medal of Honor isn’t that shocking, it’ll be interesting to see if Danger Close will do justice for the series that revolutionized the first person shooter, as their 2010 version came in with a 74% average on Metacritic. Releasing the previous information wasn’t worth a post in my opinion so now we get to the juicy part of the steak that everyone has been craving.

CVG reported about Warfighter with some more information: despite Danger Close still using a modern regenerative health system, Warfighter will be a closer approximation to real-life as real operatives stories will be used in as part of the game’s narrative. Obviously, the story will changed up since the government won’t allow stories to be told to the masses about current military strategies, and battles that may be on going to the time of this post being published.

Just as the Modern Warfare series is set up, the revival of the MoH franchise will include repeating characters (which include Preacher, Voodoo & Mother) to follow up in the second installment of perhaps a new trilogy. Warfighter will feature a hardcore mode meaning players will have only one shot to take before they are downed, or before they down ‘enemy forces’. There will also be co-op support but OXM believes it will be something more like Call of Duty’s ‘co-op’ modes, dealing outside of the main story or only during particular campaign missions. Below, you can check out the full-art work released on the Medal of Honor website.

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