It’s morphin’ time! Mastodon! Pterodactyl! OK, I won’t go through all of them – Triceratops! If you haven’t figured it out, this week we’ll be watching Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Man, adjectives are so much cooler when you take the “g” off and use an apostrophe.

Rest assured we will laugh at, poke fun at and revel in the absurdity of one of FOX Kids’ most popular television shows of the 1990s. Surprisingly, Power Rangers is still going strong after nearly 20 years; however, we’ll go back to the beginnings of the series, otherwise known as season one. To channel Barney Stinson, suit up with Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy and Kimberly!

Sorry, Green Ranger fans; Tommy is not in this episode.

You will need a Netflix Watch Instantly subscription to view the episode we discuss. If you already have an account, then click the link that we provide, and you are ready to watch the show with us! We will be watching episode ten of season one: Happy Birthday, Zack.

Here is the link for this week: Happy Birthday, Zack.


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