Continuing what began with Saved by the Bell, we are branching  off of the “we only watch cartoons” theme.  Don’t worry; we will still have plenty of cartoons for you to enjoy (or make fun of); however we also want to expand into family sitcoms and, well, television shows that star real people.  At least that way Klaus and I can’t pick 1990s CG nightmares.

This week we go old school and watch Dennis the Menace (1959).  In other words, not that film version (1993) with Walter Matthau, which you may or may not be too young to remember.

And, unsurprisingly, not even Dennis the Menace is safe from our jagged and shard-like wit.  Klaus says, “Nothing is sacred.”  At least in the realm of television, I think that we’re proving him right.

You will need a Netflix Watch Instantly subscription to view the episode we discuss. If you already have an account, then click the link that we provide, and you are ready to watch the show with us! We will be watching episode four of season one: Grandpa and Miss Cathcart.

Here is the link for this week: Grandpa and Miss Cathcart

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