Despite his awe-inspiring mustache, his ability to delight a room full of German opera fans, and his blue ribbon in the Robotnik look-alike contest, Klaus gets nightmares after watching Gumby, whom most people associate with a warm smile and joyful demeanor.  Klaus calls Gumby “terrifying.”  That is not the Gumby that I remember.  I used to hang with that dude all the time — in the sense that he was a toy, and I pretended that he could understand me.

I mean Gumby wouldn’t hurt a fly, would he?  Would he!?!

After watching an episode of The Gumby Show with us, you might change your tune.

Disclaimer: The Floor is Lava does not condone putting dinosaur eggs into ovens.  Save the babies!

You will need a Netflix Watch Instantly subscription to view the episode we discuss. If you already have an account, then click the link that we provide, and you are ready to watch the show with us! We will be watching episode six of season one: The Eggs and Trixie/Egg Trouble/Odd Balls.

Here is the link for this week: The Eggs and Trixie/Egg Trouble/Odd Balls

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