During their discussion about L.A. Noire encompassing three discs on Xbox 360, Rockstar revealed that upcoming downloadable content for the game would be comprised of cases/missions “that felt more like strong stand-alone episodes,” and which didn’t quite fit into the overarching narrative. As it stands you’ll progress from low-level patrolman, to the Vice, Traffic, and Homicide divisions. “This gave us a powerful main story, and left us with quality extra content that we wanted to put out as DLC, that would slot seamlessly into the existing game,” the publisher said.

What exactly those will entail, we’ll have to wait and see. Developer Team Bondi has given another hint about post-launch additions, telling 1UP we could (but may not) very well see one or two entirely new Desks within the L.A.P.D., and their accompanying cases for Cole Phelps to tackle.

“Well, we’re done and we’re finished. …and as I said earlier, we’ve got two full desks — burglary and bunko [fraud] — that never made it into the game, so we’ve been thinking about those and whether we’ll do them,” says the studio’s boss, who goes on to say, however, “We’re actually working on a new project idea now, so we’re kicking that around as well. Most of the team are on holiday, to be honest.

Are these burglary and fraud cases the left-over content previously alluded to, or separate? From the sound of it, they don’t appear to have been ‘cut’, but rather never implemented, as explained. Curious.

There’s no telling when L.A. Noire‘s beefier DLC will arrive, but its various pre-order incentives are slated to be available for purchase shortly after next week. Moreover, would future cases be mere content packs, or GTA IV/Red Dead Redemption-like expansions?

[Update: July 22nd]: Speaking with PSM3, McNamara says “We had a Bunko and Burglary desk – bunko is fraud and burglary is just people robbing houses and stuff – we had eleven full cases for that, which we wrote and did the design for to a certain extent – we even did the art for them too, but it just got to a point where we were never going to fit it on one Blu-ray.

“It just becomes super prohibitive at that point. I think there might have been a better arc if we did do that – you get more of a chance to introduce different things – but in terms of the overall experience I think we did pretty well.

Aside from these cases, McNamara briefly brought up additional side-content that was cut from the final product, which would have padded out the experience more.

“There was a kind of system where if you failed a case your captain would scream at you and you’d go out and do hot car chases or smaller robberies and muggings and all that kind of stuff in the world. You’d have to do enough of them to get to a point where you get offered another case, but as I said that got cut because I thought it was too much of a distraction.

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