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Video walkthrough of Xbox 360’s upcoming dashboard leaks

Xbox 360’s fall 2011 dashboard revamp is apparently coming next month, a preview program/closed beta set to take place in the next few weeks, and

October 03, 2011 Games, News, Xbox 360

Report: Microsoft close to inking deals with Comcast, Verizon for Xbox TV [Update 2]

Microsoft’s not revealed much (read: any) new information in the past few months on Xbox LIVE’s upcoming streaming/on-demand TV initiative — announced vaguely back at

September 29, 2011 Games, News, TV/Film, Xbox 360

Rumor: Microsoft targeting Xbox’s 10th anniversary for new dashboard overhaul

The next revision to Xbox 360’s dashboard, arguably the most substantial yet, still doesn’t have an official rollout date, and Microsoft’s been increasingly vague on

September 29, 2011 Games, News, Xbox 360

Xbox 360 and PS3: The future of home entertainment

Back in 1985, Nintendo had the brilliant idea of how to revive the gaming industry in the US: releasing the Nintendo Entertainment System. Deceiving consumers, Nintendo released

September 19, 2011 Editorials, Games, PS3, Tech, TV/Film, Xbox 360

Gamers Garage: Episode 197 – Role Reversal

In this episode, Derik is hosting as Justin has to use his phone (and his neighbor’s Wi-Fi) to join in on the festivities as we

September 08, 2011 Gamers Garage, Podcasts

Gamers Garage: Episode 196 – Takedowns

In this episode, Justin and Derik are joined by Tommy who is back from his brief hiatus. He doesn’t disappoint, immediately launching into an ALL

September 01, 2011 Gamers Garage, Podcasts

Gamers Garage: Episode 195 – Bioware Killed The JRPG

This episode, Derik is hosting solo, and he is joined by Zabari from the Section Z Cast, and Anthony Alex from the Angry Mailman Podcast.

August 25, 2011 Gamers Garage, Podcasts

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Version 2012 releasing later this year

Since 2008, Capcom has pushed to make some kind of update and/or a new title for the Street Fighter franchise every year. How so? In

August 02, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
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