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Black Friday 2011: Walmart, Best Buy & Target OH MY!

There are only a few hours left to when all retail stores drop into chaos. That’s right, Black Friday is less than a day away

November 23, 2011 Community Support, Games, News

Marketplace Delights: Volume 6

Fortnightly, the Hawk gives you the good, the bad and the ugly of the whole Xbox Live Marketplace content. This week, we delve into Card

November 20, 2011 Editorials, Games, Xbox 360

Battlefield 3 Beta Wasn’t All Bad; First Week Sales

A while ago, Battlefield fanboys claimed that I started a flame-war intentionally stating that the Battlefield 3 Beta was terrible for the title. While I

October 31, 2011 Editorials, Games, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360

Editorial: Slurs Shouldn’t Be Used During Public Online Chats

Since Halo 2 was available on Xbox Live, voice chat in games has been littered with racial slurs and foul language. Ranging from words that

October 28, 2011 Editorials, Games, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360

New Xbox 360 dashboard looking to be released November 25

Preparing for full Kinect capability which will be available Spring 2012, Microsoft is “targeting” November 25th for the next Dashboard update. According to an introduction video over on

October 11, 2011 Games, News, Xbox 360

UFC on Xbox LIVE comes out fighting on December 1st

One of the biggest new additions to Xbox LIVE this fall, in addition to the slew of other TV and entertainment services coming, is the

October 07, 2011 Games, News, Xbox 360

Microsoft finally announces Xbox LIVE’s various TV service partners, gears up for holiday launch

True IPTV over Xbox LIVE has been promised for what seems like forever, and while a handful of experiences have made their way to the

October 05, 2011 Games, News, TV/Film, Xbox 360

Editorial: Why the Battlefield 3 Beta was bad for EA and DICE

Marketing a game is all that matters to a game publisher, as a good advertisement campaign can make a terrible game into the best selling

October 05, 2011 Editorials, Games, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
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