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Rumor: Retailer outs unannounced Jak and Daxter HD Collection

Retailers — especially foreign retailers — quite often leak list games, which wind up being announced shortly after their discovery. They also often list games

October 02, 2011 Games, News, PS3
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Yep, Uncharted 3 features Sony’s PSN online pass [Update]

Officially kicked off with Resistance 3 last month, Sony’s PSN Online Pass for first-party titles should have been expected to be a staple of their

October 02, 2011 Games, News, PS3
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DCUO for PS3 now free

With the failure of the title since launch despite all the hype, DC Universe Online will be totally free to play and download sometime today. According

September 19, 2011 Games, News, PS3
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Xbox 360 and PS3: The future of home entertainment

Back in 1985, Nintendo had the brilliant idea of how to revive the gaming industry in the US: releasing the Nintendo Entertainment System. Deceiving consumers, Nintendo released

September 19, 2011 Editorials, Games, PS3, Tech, TV/Film, Xbox 360
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Sony finally, concretely confirms PS Vita not region locked

It’s a topic that’s been a little uncertain over the last year, but Sony Computer Entertainment’s Shuhei Yoshida, president of Worldwide Studios has stated outright

September 16, 2011 Games, News, PSP/Vita
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Sony @TGS ’11: PS Vita hits Japan in December; launch games and more revealed

As expected, PlayStation Vita was front and center during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show 2011 press events, with a slew of new details announced for the

September 14, 2011 Events, Games, News, PSP/Vita
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Gamers Garage: Episode 196 – Takedowns

In this episode, Justin and Derik are joined by Tommy who is back from his brief hiatus. He doesn’t disappoint, immediately launching into an ALL

September 01, 2011 Gamers Garage, Podcasts
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Sony introduces Sony Entertainment Network rebranding for online services

Rumored a few weeks back, Sony has today confirmed a rebranding of their various digital services, which will now also fall under a newly minted

August 31, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, PSP/Vita
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London riots impact Sony distribution warehouse, not PlayStation-related

Disclaimer: To stay out of the political and social issues of the riots, I’m just going to stick to the facts of this story. According to

August 09, 2011 News
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MotorStorm: Apocalypse replacing Resistance 3 in Sony’s PlayStation-branded 3DTV bundle

Not jumped on the 3D gaming bandwagon yet? Were you planning to take the plunge later this year, and pick up Sony’s PlayStation-branded 3DTV and

August 05, 2011 Games, News, PS3
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