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Extra Life 2015

The broadcasters of WYK-TV will be participating in this years Extra Life charity event to help raise money for local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and

October 29, 2015 Events, WYK-TV

RomComm: Laughing fits

Well SOMEONE got into the fun stuff

October 22, 2015 RomComm, Videos, WYK-TV

Romcomm: Chain Chomp Challenge

Oh wow, that looks really hard. Well, let’s see if it’s rage or joy we see expressed upon Rom’s face at the end eh

September 23, 2015 RomComm, Videos, WYK-TV

Romcomm: How Rom deals with robits

Everything we see of Rom proves what a genius he is. First with the turret now with robot, he realized he was outmatched and withdrew

August 06, 2015 RomComm, Videos, WYK-TV

RomComm: A gassy affair

These guards man, they must have hyper sensitivity to everything. Random gunshot? Sound the alarm! Fire extinguisher flies off the wall? Sound the alarm! But

July 30, 2015 RomComm, Videos, WYK-TV

RomComm: Turret Cheese

So we saw in the last video that RomComm was brave and foolhardy. In this video we see a different side, the maniacal villain in

July 24, 2015 RomComm, Videos, WYK-TV

A New Challenger Appears!

This is just a week of fresh faces isn’t it? Well lucky for us this new blood has the stones to do what needs to

July 16, 2015 RomComm, Videos, WYK-TV
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