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The Game Machine: Sin and Punishment Review

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October 04, 2013 Games, Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos
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The Game Machine: Chaos Code Review

If you like this review of Ark System Works’ Chaos Code, check out more of my videos and subscribe at my Youtube page. You can

September 10, 2013 Games, PS3, Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos
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The Game Machine: Nyko Wii U Products Review

I’ve got 4 products here from Nyko to review. The products featured are: PROCommander Controller Uboost Charge Station U Powerstand If you like these reviews,

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The Game Machine: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Review

Will the love child of Kojima and Platinum Games—Metal Gear Rising Revengeance—be an amazing action game, or should it go hide in a box? Find out in

February 26, 2013 Games, Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos
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The Game Machine: DMC Devil May Cry Review

Capcom has decided to reboot the Devil May Cry franchise against some of its most loyal fans’ wishes. With Ninja Theory at the helm, is

January 20, 2013 Games, Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos
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The Game Machine: Halo 4 Review

Now that Bungie has moved out of Microsoft and into the greener pastures of Activision, the question was who would take over the Halo series.

November 12, 2012 Games, Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos
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The Game Machine: Marvel Vs Capcom Origins

Marvel Vs Capcom Origins is finally here, and in this final part of the review series, we take a look and see if this compilation

September 29, 2012 Games, Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos
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The Game Machine: Oniken PC Review

Remember when video game badasses were all the rage? Tough men who, without so much as a blink, could destroy reality itself? Nowadays, a video

September 06, 2012 Games, PC/Mac, Reviews, The Game Machine, Videos
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