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Gamers Garage: Episode 273 – Joe McDonagh Interview

Game Designer and writer, Joe McDonagh, stops by to talk about his new game, Card Hunter, and his career in the games industry. If you’ve

October 07, 2013 Gamers Garage, Games, Interviews, Podcasts

First Look: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Who ever would have thought that the next rad third-person class-based team warfare game would come from PopCap Games? Anyone? (If you say you saw

June 21, 2013 Events, Games, Previews, Xbox One

Electronic Arts snaps up PopCap

Finally confirming seemingly debunked rumors that broke a few weeks ago, Electronic Arts is officially soon to be the new owner of PopCap Games. “EA

July 12, 2011 Games, News

Gamers Garage: Episode 189 – Breaking Monitors

Tommy and Ashton aren’t here this week, but that’s ok because we have a special guest this week. Jeff Green of Popcap stops by to

June 28, 2011 Gamers Garage, Podcasts

PopCap reportedly in the midst of being acquired; company says speculation, sources say story is bogus

Ever independent money maker PopCap, responsible for popular titles like Plants vs. Zombies, Peggle and numerous others, is reported to be on the verge of

June 22, 2011 Games, News

Plants vs. Zombies battle to the death on Xbox 360 September 8th

Plants vs. Zombies‘ long-awaited Xbox LIVE Arcade port was given a vague “early September” launch date last month, but that’s ridiculous. When exactly is “early

August 03, 2010 Games, News, Xbox 360

Plants vs. Zombies’ MJ-inspired character shuffling out of the picture

Who’s bad? Apparently the legal team of the Michael Jackson Estate, that’s who. Thanks to a bit of a tiff on behalf of the deceased

July 27, 2010 Games, News, PC/Mac, Xbox 360

Plants vs. Zombies invades XBLA in September

It’s coming! After the Achievements were outed over the weekend, today PopCap officially confirmed Plants vs. Zombies is shambling towards the realm of Xbox LIVE

July 19, 2010 Games, News, Xbox 360
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