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ME3 extended cut: Heavy on Sap, Light on Substance

Monday I detailed my thoughts on Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC.  I listed just a few of the major questions I had regarding

June 27, 2012 Games, News, PS3, Xbox 360

Extended Cut DLC Opens (or Mends) Old Wounds

Tomorrow is a big day for disgruntled basement dwellers everywhere.  Bioware announced Friday they will be releasing the much-anticipated Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC for

June 25, 2012 Editorials, Games, News, PS3, Xbox 360

Mass Effect 3 – Official Launch Trailer

BioWare released the Mass Effect 3 launch trailer this morning and all I can say is; Wow… just wow. BioWare really knows how to run

March 02, 2012 Games, Videos, Xbox 360

VGAs 2011 – Mass Effect 3 Trailer

Mass Effect = Love. I don’t know about you folks, but I f&%$ing love Mass Effect and about fainted when I saw this earlier

December 10, 2011 Games, News, Videos
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