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Battlefield 3 Beta Wasn’t All Bad; First Week Sales

A while ago, Battlefield fanboys claimed that I started a flame-war intentionally stating that the Battlefield 3 Beta was terrible for the title. While I

October 31, 2011 Editorials, Games, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
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Battlefield 3 on consoles gets higher-res textures if installed to HDD; new campaign shots

Let’s be honest, despite DICE’s best efforts, Battlefield 3‘s Frostbite 2.0 visuals on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were always going to pale in comparison

October 08, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
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Editorial: Why the Battlefield 3 Beta was bad for EA and DICE

Marketing a game is all that matters to a game publisher, as a good advertisement campaign can make a terrible game into the best selling

October 05, 2011 Editorials, Games, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
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Business is war: First trailer for Syndicate reboot checks in

Love it or hate it, EA and Starbreeze are reviving Bullfrog’s classic Syndicate strategy franchise as a visceral, cinematic sci-fi cyberpunk first-person shooter. Not unlike

September 29, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
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EA pencils in February 2012 launch for Syndicate, announces co-op sequel to Shank

Electronic Arts and Starbreeze’s “visceral” cyberpunk shooter Syndicate was just officially unveiled earlier this month, and now one of the games industry’s worst-kept secrets has

September 27, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
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Rumor: Dead Space 3 trades space and darkness for frigid new planet

If Dead Space and Dead Space 2 were inspired by things like Alien and Event Horizon, then what’s the next logical sci-fi/horror film for the

September 26, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
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Beta and demo: What’s the difference?

Yesterday, EA and DICE announced the open beta dates for their upcoming first-person shooter, Battlefield 3. The problem is the game comes out a month

September 21, 2011 Editorials, Games
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Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta early access begins Sept. 27th, open beta Sept. 29th

Kaboom! At last, EA/DICE just revealed the start date for the long-awaited public multiplayer beta of October’s Battlefield 3. Those who purchased last year’s Medal

September 20, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
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Australian branch of Visceral Games shut down, staff let go [Update]

Another Australian development studio has just kicked the bucket. Following the likes of Pandemic, THQ branches, Team Bondi, and Krome, this week brings the unfortunate

September 19, 2011 Games, News
EAsyndicatesept 2

They really did it: EA, Starbreeze’s Syndicate reboot is a “visceral” sci-fi shooter, has co-op [Update: announced]

After what seems like ages of binned-at-the-last-minute debuts, EA and Starbreeze’s reboot of the classic Syndicate franchise is real, and has leaked out this weekend.

September 11, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
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