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BuffDaddyHD: Sephiroth suicide

Aaaaaaamd killed by a counter hit, how does that feel Sephy

September 18, 2015 Videos, WYK-TV

BuffDaddyHD: Wanna be a cop?

Should’ve told the guy with the gun what he wanted to hear

August 28, 2015 Videos, WYK-TV

BuffDaddyHD: What?!

Not even mad bro

August 21, 2015 Videos, WYK-TV

BuffDaddyHD: Carma

Sometimes the universe likes to punish troublesome streamers right away instead of waiting. I mean, he did earn that mean CARma amirite

August 13, 2015 Videos, WYK-TV

BuffDaddy: Mirror’s Edge PB

So I’m not very familiar with Mirror’s Edge, nor am I familiar with this run. Buuut to my untrained, weak eyes it looked pretty good.

May 11, 2015 Videos, WYK-TV

BuffDaddyHD’s 10,000 Follower Extravaganza!

In celebration of reaching the 10,000 follower milestone on Twitch, Justin will be doing an extra long stream! How long? That’s up to you! For

April 09, 2015 Events, WYK-TV

Extra Life 2014

We’re a little late to the party, but better late than never. The broadcasters of WYK-TV will be participating in this years Extra Life charity

October 14, 2014 Events, News, WYK-TV

BuffDaddyHD: A Very Bad Idea

Justin attempts to take on a mixture of mayonnaise, mustard and water, after losing a challenge

September 11, 2014 Videos, WYK-TV
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