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Gamers Garage: Episode 273 – Joe McDonagh Interview

Game Designer and writer, Joe McDonagh, stops by to talk about his new game, Card Hunter, and his career in the games industry. If you’ve

October 07, 2013 Gamers Garage, Games, Interviews, Podcasts

Gaming on the Rocks Episode 23 — The Place Beyond the Pines, Trance, and Spoiler Etiquette

We discuss how to deal with spoiler issues in today’s world as well as two films: The Place Beyond the Pines and Trance


The Game Machine: Bioshock Infinite Review

On this episode of The Game Machine, we look at Bioshock Infinite. Is it worth your time? Watch to find out! If you like what


BioShock movie “still in the conversation”, says series creator; Irrational rolls out more BioShock Infinite propaganda

Universal’s BioShock movie doesn’t look like it will be happening anytime in the near future, but the project is far from dead. Its original director

May 25, 2011 Games, News

Irrational wants to put your name in BioShock Infinite

More and more developers are starting to concoct various ways to let gamers and community members become immortalized in titles, and Irrational Games are the

April 08, 2011 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360

Report: Tor Books’ anticipated BioShock novel delayed to summer

You’ve already waited two years, what’s a few more months in the grand scheme of things?  BioShock: Rapture, Tor Books’ long-awaited novelization of 2K’s famed

February 06, 2011 Games, News

BioShock’s long-awaited novelization penciled in for March

Loads of videogame-related books are headed to stores in the coming months, and according to publisher Tor Books’, the much anticipated take on BioShock is

January 03, 2011 Games, News

New BioShock Infinite screens beckon you to Columbia

Four more BioShock Infinite screens have hit the net today, further tormenting you with the fact that something this good looking is still nearly two

October 21, 2010 Games, News, PC/Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
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