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Halo 4’s First Developer Diary

“Wake me when you need me”. In our world, it only took Chief three years of slumber to be woken back up for action. Due

March 05, 2012 Games, News, Videos, Xbox 360

Halo 4 Release Date Leaked?

While everyone knows that Halo 4 is coming to the Xbox 360 this fall, no one knows when the release date is… until today. Leaked

February 27, 2012 Games, News, Videos, Xbox 360

Halo 2 Remake / Halo 4 Details Revealed In Combat Evolved Anniversary

The first Arbiter in the series has come to die for his cause. Unfortunately, no one knew what it was for… until now. Through the original trilogy,

November 23, 2011 Games, News, Videos, Xbox 360

Microsoft replacing Halo: Reach preview discs with free digital copies

If you participated in Xbox LIVE’s new XDG3 disc format-testing preview program back in April, you received a free copy of Halo: Reach for your

September 23, 2011 Games, News, Xbox 360

343i explains Kinect’s usage of voice control in Halo: CE Anniversary

Much to the surprise of fans, 343 Industries quietly revealed at E3 that Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will support Kinect, for unspecified “additive” functionality. HaloFest

September 17, 2011 Games, News, Xbox 360

343 Industries loses creative director/narrative designer, former KojiPro producer Ryan Payton [Update]

Holding the position of assistant producer at Kojima Productions, Ryan Payton was one of the first big name talents to join then-unnamed 343 Industries team

September 06, 2011 Games, News, Xbox 360

343 Industries teases Halo 4 concept art, discusses the Reclaimer Trilogy

Way back at E3 in June, 343 Industries promised they would divulge a bit more info on just-announced Halo 4 during this year’s PAX Prime/HaloFest,

August 28, 2011 Games, News, Xbox 360

Comic-Con ’11: Watch this outdated walkthrough of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

November’s Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was shown off at E3, but you didn’t see it; not the full demonstration, anyway. Microsoft and 343 Industries only

July 22, 2011 Games, News, Videos, Xbox 360
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