Co-Owner/Network ManagerJosh “Crash” Sharp

Co-Owner of WouldYouKindly and Founder of The Gamers Garage podcast. 9 years experience in the video game industry running tournaments/leagues, communities, creating/producing podcasts, and operating independent video game media websites. Still hates platformers. Ghost Recon fanboy extraordinaire.

josh [at] wouldyoukindly [dot] com

Co-Owner/Site ManagerJustin “pseudopseudo” Heeren

Former EIC, now co-owner of WouldYouKindly. When he’s not editing the site or hosting The Gamers Garage, he enjoys brewing beer at home, listening to his collection of vinyl records, destroying pub quiz nights, attending hip-hop concerts, practicing the art of papercraft, and learning to be a programmer.

justin [at] wouldyoukindly [dot] com

Editor In ChiefBrian Kirk

The first game I played was Pong. The real Pong. After that, I took the plunge with the Atari 2600. It’s been getting better ever since. Now I watch my two-year-old mastering iOS games; it gets me excited about the future. You can see my other life as a publishing consultant at

brian [at] wouldyoukindly [dot] com

WriterTito “Tyrone Hawk” Labastidas

Old timer playing videogames since the 70′s. First member of the Atari camp, then went to Sega (Genesis and Dreamcast) and now an Xbox avid fan. Working on the IT industry. Knows the meaning of developing a strong community.

tito [at] wouldyoukindly [dot] com

Video ReviewerAdam Tabor

Adam hosts one of the best darn video game review shows ever, The Game Machine. Lover of both retro and modern games; from Mario to Mega Man, Final Fantasy VII and Persona 4.

adam [at] wouldyoukindly [dot] com

Video Reviewer/Podcast MediaKlaus Von Hohenloe

 photo klaus_zps284551ed.jpg

When Klaus isn’t criticizing video games, he spends his free time criticizing other things (like anime and oranges), or sometimes just acts like an idiot in front of a camera. He has documented these exercises in pointlessness at his website,

publicrelations [at] wouldyoukindly [dot] com

Podcast MediaEthan Gach

 photo ethan_zpsb936d114.jpg

Writes about comics, video games and American politics. Fears death above all things. Just below that is waking up in the morning to go to work. You can follow Ethan on Twitter at @ethangach or at his blog, And though his opinions aren’t for hire, his virtue is.

publicrelations [at] wouldyoukindly [dot] com

Podcast MediaCandice Shane

 photo 511270eb-c496-42dc-9e00-bd8fbfeb7d78_zps54ff1220.jpg

candice [at] wouldyoukindly [dot] com

Podcast MediaBen Seal

 photo ben_zpsc6e09511.jpg

publicrelations [at] wouldyoukindly [dot] com

Podcast MediaGreg Galiffa

 photo greg_zps7ea0fa64.jpg

publicrelations [at] wouldyoukindly [dot] com

Podcast MediaJim Price

 photo jim_zps6ebfc30e.jpg

publicrelations [at] wouldyoukindly [dot] com

Podcast MediaAmanda Farough

 photo amandaj_zps53eac6e1.jpg

publicrelations [at] wouldyoukindly [dot] com

Podcast MediaDan Riha

 photo dan_zpseeb9f0b0.jpg

publicrelations [at] wouldyoukindly [dot] com




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