Sony has submitted seemingly brand new models of the PlayStation 3 slim to the Federal Communications Commission for testing recently, which may be a previous rumor coming to fruition.

According to the filing (via WirelessGoodness), PS3 prototype models CECH-3001A and CECH-3001B are in the pipeline, a clear difference from the existing consoles which all bear CECH-2xxx model numbers. This isn’t the first time Sony’s slipped new consoles through the FCC otherwise undetected.

Nothing further about the allegedly ‘new’ hardware is provided, other than the fact that they will sport Bluetooth 2.0, 802.11 b/g WiFi, and internal Hard Drives, as per usual. It’s noted that “the difference between CECH-3001A and CECH-3001B is HDD type”, indicating storage of two differing sizes, also common.

A few months ago — during the early stages of the Sony vs. GeoHot debacle —  it was rumored that in addition to a price drop announcement at E3, the company would be releasing an updated version of the PS3 slim in 2011, making it ‘hack-proof’. This new model would apparently pack a 300GB HDD to entice gamers to upgrade. Needless to say, given the rampant exploits the system has been and still is seeing, this might not be too far-fetched of an idea.

So far Sony hasn’t issued any comment on these products, so it’s unclear if they’re destined for retail anytime soon.

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