Before they were roped into being Infinity Ward’s collaborative partner on Modern Warfare 3, Activision’s new Sledgehammer Games studio had been tasked with creating an original entry in the Call of Duty franchise.

Some had speculated it might be the long-rumored and inevitable Future Warfare, and there was talk about a third-person action-shooter, but whatever Sledgehammer had been up to was put on indefinite hold. Shortly after this past E3, Activision’s CEO maintained the unannounced project was still something he wanted to play, however.

So what’s the situation now, just a few months and several curiously Sledgehammer-led press events later? Speaking to NowGamer at Gamescom, studio boss Glen Schofield said:

“I don’t think we’ll go back to that one. The genre [of that game]… it was really good, but it might be a bit niche. I don’t know. We had something special there. We’ll see. I’ve had a blast making a first-person shooter [with MW3].”

Hmm. That’s not a definitive “it’s been canceled”, as that decision will ultimately lie with Activision, but it’s certainly in-line with comments from Acti Publishing’s Eric Hirshberg, who said back in June it “remained to be seen” how well a less-than-traditional Call of Duty would do. Let us not forget the aborted first/third-person CoD: Devil’s Brigade, which didn’t make it all that far out of pre-production.

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