With their lawsuit against Epic Games over the Unreal Engine 3 fiasco still unsettled, Too Human developer Silicon Knights has revealed they are working on an all-new internal engine for their future projects. How exactly “new” this tech will be isn’t quite clear, considering what wound up powering Too Human and this fall’s X-Men: Destiny was the aptly named Silicon Knights Engine, derived from UE3.

According to the studio (via IndustryGamers), creation of the “3D Game Development Engine that will include new advanced camera systems, improved audio and video and better computing technology” is underway, with support from the Canadian government to create roughly 80 more jobs. The government previously awarded SK a $4 million grant.

The company is also looking to “develop [on] the next generation of gaming systems and become a self-sustainable, self-publishing company.” It’s not clear, but that last part could be referencing past hints about the Too Human franchise, which SK said they intend to finish, even though it looks like Microsoft isn’t up for publishing again.

With Ontario government support, we are better-positioned to further develop the 8th Art of video games. This will enhance our competitive edge within the highly-competitive video game market, help us become a self-sustainable, self-publishing entity, and allow us to enter lucrative global markets,” said Denis Dyack, President of Silicon Knights.

Other than this fall’s X-Men: Destiny, we have no word on what Silicon Knights are working on.

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