Bizarre Creations’ James Bond 007: Blood Stone and Eurocom’s GoldenEye remake both dropped last month, and to mixed reception (unfortunate news for the former), but a new report claims Activision will be trying again with the spy license in the near future.

Bond fansite MI6 says that Wolfenstein and Singularity devs Raven Software have been tapped for a new 007 game, or rather, a game they were already working on, which was all-but canceled. A quick check to LinkedIn shows that profiles of other Raven employees verify the studio was working on a third-person Bond title. If you recall, Raven restructured in October, shrinking to one team, and focusing on downloadable products; they were also allegedly brought on to assist Treyarch with Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC.

Apparently this new “stealth-centric” game was put on indefinite hiatus for six months, due to the MGM Studios bankruptcy proceedings which dragged out this year, but now that everything is getting back on track and early production on the Bond 23 film is even getting underway, Activision has decided to re-greenlight the project. The site also claims the MGM ordeal was not the sole reason for the initial shelving — the aforementioned Black Ops content assistance, and work on a follow up to last year’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine (likely a tie-in to 2012’s The Wolverine) contributed. This unannounced X-Men project has also been put on ice, it seems.

MI6 has no further details on the untitled game, and says it’s unlikely it’ll be out before fall 2011. In (apparently) related news, a demo reel from Raven animator Hanjin Song was discovered this week, which seems to display brief snippets of this title.  In the video we can see a Bond shooter that looks quite similar to Bizarre’s Blood Stone (as well as Splinter Cell: ConViction), with 007 running through urban environments and engaging in rooftop chases, shoot outs and some animation tests.

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