Free-to-play experiences have typically been relegated to the PC, but according to a “trusted source” of IGN‘s, that may be changing soon. It’s being reported that the company will announce plans to allow third-parties to release F2P games on Xbox 360, making money by charging for additional content, as per usual for the genre.

Interestingly, it was already announced last month that Nexon and Softmax will bring Dungeon Fighter Online, already available on PC (pictured), exclusively to Xbox LIVE. It was speculated that the game would break ground and utilize the ‘freemium’ model — once planned for JoyRide, before it was overhauled and retrofitted with Kinect — and this rumor would seem to affirm that. However, Microsoft followed up the DFO news with word that it would be a paid XBLA game. Maybe they’ve changed their mind.

Publishers like EA have been vocal in recent times about F2P games having a much larger presence in the future, and eventually managing to break through onto the typically closed console platforms seems like an inevitability. Might this result in a console version of games like Battlefield Heroes/Play4Free?

IGN’s source doesn’t offer up any further details on the service, but says this probably won’t go into effect until 2012. Could this be one of Microsoft’s big E3 surprises?

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