The next revision to Xbox 360’s dashboard, arguably the most substantial yet, still doesn’t have an official rollout date, and Microsoft’s been increasingly vague on its day-one features since E3, but an apparent memo from one of the latest third-party services to join Xbox LIVE seems to have spilled the beans. Or so they think.

According to an internal email from PayPal (via Kotaku), whose payment option was added to LIVE in May, Microsoft’s looking to start dropping the upcoming Kinect-heavy system interface overhaul (dubbed “twist control”) on November 15th. Yep, ten years to the day since the launch of the original Xbox back in 2001. Also the same day Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary hits.

Obviously Microsoft have yet to confirm or deny the alleged date, and until they do grains of salt should be kept handy. It might not seem common for a third-party partner like this to be privy to major update plans, but crazier things have happened. Especially if Microsoft’s looking for early testers, as is apparently the case here.

It’s worth noting that sometime in October a closed beta test — err, preview program — is slated to begin for LIVE users and the press, as per usual, so we’re sure to get proper news before too long.

Pushing out the next major retooling of a console on the brand’s 10-year anniversary certainly seems appropriate.

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