Age of Empires Online isn’t all the developers of Halo Wars have up their talented sleeves (though a sequel to the Xbox 360 RTS still eludes us).

Robot Entertainment has announced their next title today, an original, downloadable action-strategy romp called Orcs Must Die! Players will have to take up arms to defend their fortresses, under attack by dastardly orcs, and dispose of them “with a wide variety of traps and weapons”.

Don’t negotiate with them. Don’t just maim them. You must kill the orcs,” says Patrick Hudson, CEO of Robot Entertainment. “Robot exists to make great games that our fans love. Orcs Must Die! is our first original title, and we’re counting on players to do what must be done: drive the orcs into oblivion!”

Robot is aiming to launch Orcs Must Die! “on personal computers and consoles this summer.” A sneak peek will be available to play during PAX East in March.

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