Violet Storm may look like Geometry Wars, and will more than likely receive ridicule for being a “clone”, but pump a little free time into this Sad Cat Software dual-stick shooter, and the comparisons begin disintegrating.  Similarities aside, Violet Storm is a great time killer for anyone with an iOS device. 

Unlike Geometry Wars, the playing space in Violet Storm is border-less, meaning you’re not constrained to a deathly claustrophobic area. Violet Storm also sets itself apart by amping up the pew-pew action with an array of awesome weapons that help induce that needed feeling of badassery.  Unlike the other geometrical shape shooter, asteroids litter the screen here and serve as a danger to your ship, but also adds a level of strategy to the gameplay.  Lastly, Violet Storm uses a single-life, health bar system – meaning once your ship splits into pieces your scoring run is over. 

The on-screen action turns chaotic within minutes, with beautifully colored particles of enemy geometry attempting to distract your every move.  Enemy types and their attack patterns are well designed and help keep every second of your survival interesting. I also favorite a health bar instead of the typical single shot kill system.

As expected, the campaign mode runs the player through waves of enemies in a struggle to survive, but isn’t the only mode available. An additional sniper mode forces the player to fight through a time limit while staying as accurate as possible with his/her shots, while the third of the three modes has you racing against time to blast as many enemies as possible before time runs out.  The additional modes make for some interesting, fun, challenging moments, and plays the biggest role in separating itself from the Geometry Wars comparisons, along with added replayability. 

Call it what you want but don’t forget the word “fun”, because every time I boot up Violet Storm that’s the type of time I was spending.  The game controls better than expected and is typically the driving force behind my opinions of dual-stick shooters on the iOS platform.  Sad Cat Software deserves what little they’re asking for Violet Storm, and anyone with an affinity for virtual dual-stick action should look to free up a few more megabytes of space on their touch device for this jam. 

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