Rockstar San Diego have plenty of additional DLC still to come for Red Dead Redemption, but it would be foolish to think the studio wasn’t already looking to the follow-up, especially since the nearly 6-year-in-the-making action game seems to have sold quite well for Take-Two.

MCV claims to have learned from an “employee of a services provider currently working on some early technical work for the game” that Red Dead 2 is called — or at least being referred to as — Red Dead Revolution. Fitting. Whether that is the official name of the unannounced Western sequel or not, we’ll have to wait and see. And wait we shall, because Rockstar Games currently has their plate full with more than enough unannounced but still unreleased products.

Maybe in 2011, sometime after Max Payne 3, Agent and L.A. Noire ship, we’ll get the good company’s announcement. Maybe.

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