Plants vs Zombies is a Tower Defense style game made by PopCap games, you use your plants to defend against waves of zombies trying to get into your house and eat your brains.


The controls are made simple so everyone can hop right in and play, it’s basic one mouse click, drag and drop to do everything you need.


Plants vs Zombies is fun, yet somewhat challenging, not too challenging though, so you don’t have to worry about frustrating the children. With 50 levels to battle your way through and 26 different types of zombies to defend against gameplay hardly gets old, even after you finish the game you have Survival mode, Mini Games and Puzzle mode to keep you busy. As you progress through adventure mode, you gain new plant types and you’re given the option to purchase upgrades from your crazy neighbor. Also, along the adventure you unlock new Minigames. One of my personal favorite mini games is slot machine, the goal of slot machine is to hit 2 of a kind or more on the slot machine to get different plants, to help defend against zombies, while you try to obtain 2000 sun points.


One of the few places the game lacked was replay value, once you finished the adventure, there was really no reason to go back and play.  Of course you can always jump into survival mode, a Gears of War 2 horde like, where you continue to fight off wave after wave of zombies until you just can’t survive any longer. I would have liked to have seen an online mode or the ability to play as the zombies would have taken this game to a whole new level, future DLC possibly?


The game is extremely fun and everything flows together very well, there were only a few things that I felt the game lacked, the inability to play as the zombies and online play but, those are minor complaints and really would take nothing away from the game itself. Other than those few things in my opinion, the game is pretty much flawless, even though it has a cutesy touch on the whole “zombie” genre it still does it very well. As you progress onto the higher levels the gameplay becomes more difficult as they throw different kinds of zombies at you, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, really making for some intense gameplay. If you’re looking for something for the entire family to play, then Plants vs Zombies is definitely for you.  If you don’t like to have fun or hate zombies (or plants) then you should probably look into Peggle or maybe something a little more hardcore instead. This is definitely another excellent addition to PopCap’s massive library of amazing games.


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