As burned out on The Assassins Creed series as I am – and I don’t care that the third in the series stars a new assassin – I can’t help myself the urge to play this game; even more now that I seen it here at PAX. The showing was simply a video play through with director commentary, which would have been a bummer had the footage I saw not peaked my interest to epic proportions. 

Conner, our new assassin, bounced from cover to cover as cannon balls crash beside him.  In the distance one-hundred soldiers, in firing-lines, synchronously pull the trigger on their muskets. An impressive moment to witness in-game, certainly.  The formulaic gameplay that the series is known for isn’t bad enough to distaste my liking for the Revolutionary War setting and firing-line battle formations; I just can’t help it.  

Gone are my concerns for the series staple of traversing rooftops when there are not enough rooftops to traverse in that particular setting; seems traversing tree branch to tree branch works just as well, while the verticality of trees…you get the picture. And don’t worry, Conner didn’t swing-about like Tarzan through those pine tree forests either.  

It’s sure to be more Assassins Creed, but the Colonial setting has inserted its hooks.  The kills are here, along with some new weapons you’ll be sure to enjoy, and a much needed, slicker user-interface. Hopefully the controls many of us enjoy return, along with a set of characters and plot par for the series. You have gotten my attention Ubisoft, don’t let me down.

Release: October 30, 2012
Platforms: PC, PS3, 360, WiiU 

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