Grand Theft Auto V, or whatever subtitle Rockstar may grant the successor to GTA IV, has yet to be officially acknowledged by the publisher, even though we know the probably-set-in-Los Angeles title has been “well underway” for quite some time.

Many had expected a brief tease, perhaps even just a logo and “Yep, it’s a thing” sometime during E3, but as we have to come to realize, Rockstar does not tend to make news at trade shows. According to the latest “Crystal Ball” rumormongering section of Official Xbox Magazine (via NeoGAF), whispers suggest a proper announcement might not be far off. And indeed one would expect something soon-ish, especially if GTAV really is a 2012 release.

Time’s up, says The Ball. Expect Grand Theft Auto V to be announced later this summer,” claims the magazine vaguely.

Operating under the assumption that Rockstar/Take-Two might opt to surprise around an upcoming event, PAX and Gamescom are some of the last high-profile shows of the year, and typically round out the otherwise information-devoid summer window. But like E3, Rockstar is known to have very little presence here in terms of announcements. For a new GTA — and really, any new Rockstar game — the company certainly wouldn’t even need an event with gaggles of press to generate hype.

No response from the publisher on this report. If late summer doesn’t pan out, I wonder if we could see a ‘world exclusive’ at December’s Spike Video Game Awards? That’s definitely the target audience. And there’s always Take-Two’s next earnings conference.

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