When I made this guide I went to the Listening Post first then the Chimera Depot so its made up in that order.

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1. After you meet up with Sergeant Benjamin make your way out onto the cliffs. to the right you will see a pipe and a building. Cross the pipe and enter the building. Pick the lock inside the building to the storage room the intel is under the desk.

2. After Sergeant Benjamin says he never wants to see another catwalk again, you’ll come to a cable bridge. Across that bridge is a locked door in the cliff. In the back of the room is the case.

3. After entering the artillery outpost, go up the stairs in front of you. You’ll enter a room with a Chinese assault rifle on a box behind the overturned table. Go past the table into a hallway and to the left in the hallway you’ll see a door on your left. Its very easy to miss so if you get to where you see the Chimera tanks you’ve gone to far.

4. After you pass the Chimera tanks, continue on until you come across a terminal on your left. The Intel is in the room after you hack the terminal under a desk. If you get to the stairs you went to far.

5. In the mining town on the way to the listening post. After you cross the train tracks you will come to a stack of metal crates to your left and a sandbag wall along the small cliff to the right with a Chinese rocket soldier. When you climb the stairs to get on that cliff you will come to the remains of a building with several wooden crates inside. Look to your right on top of some crates and you will see the intel.

6. Inside the listening post the intel you will come to a room with a set of metal stairs and quite a few Crimsoon Dragoon you have to take out. Its under the stairs on a shelf.

7. On your way to the chimera depot In the Ice Camp you’ll come across 3 snowmen. Its in the tent closest to them.

8. Just inside the gate of the Chimera depot to your left is a building, Its just inside the building on a table next to the ham radio.

9. Down in the battlefield trenches. You’ll come across to Chinese Soldiers and an American Soldier that was captured Its right behind him on a barrel.

10. The final intel is in the building where you go to flip the switch to turn off the pulse field. Its right next to the switch.

Hope this helps!

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