After much thought and consideration I have decided to close down and redirected it here. When I first started Nuka-Cola, I had no idea how hard it would be to run a site based on a single game. So now I’ll have the majority of the content on this page or under the Nuka-Cola category.


Nuka-Cola Quantum Locations

The Pitt Ingot Locations Guide

The Pitt Ingot Locations Video

Operation Anchorage Intel Locations Guide

Bobblehead Locations Guide

Mothership Zeta Alien Captive Recordings Guide

Fallout 3 Mods

Brurpo Alluring Body Enhancement Mod

Ultimate Perks

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Enclave Commander

Megaton House Overhaul

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Giant Bomb’s The Pitt

The Pitt Arena Round 1

The Pitt Arena Round 2

The Pitt Arena Round 3

The Pitt Xbox 360 Glitched

Todd Howard Interview

The Pitt Trailer

Megaton Nuked

V.A.T.S. In Halo 3


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