The guide is still a work in progress. I had all the locations ready for screenshots but my saves corrupted on my PC and now I have to start over. I’ll try to add a few locations every day until the guide is complete. Hope what I have so far helps!



One at Greener Pastures Disposal site inside the office on the floor to the right as you enter.



One in the Republic of Dave in the northeast corner of your world map. The Quantum is in Daves office on top of the safe. You’ll have to steal it if you want it.



MDPL-16 Powerstation southwest of Republic of Dave or to the west of Chaste Acres Dairy Farm on a desk as soon as you enter.



There are 5 of them in Eulogy’s pad in Paradise Falls behind the stair case.



There are 3 in the Super Duper Mart in the back room. Careful of the Raiders you’ll encounter.



At the VAPL-58 Power Station southwest of Arefu on top of the work bench.

At the VAPL-58 Power Station southwest of Arefu on top of the work bench.

In Smith Casey’s Garage Northeast of Girdershade in the corner next to a bucket.



One in Dukovs place upstairs next to the bed.

Marigold Station when you’re working on the quest “Those!” Its in the room where the queen ant is behind the computer.

One SE of the Flooded Metro in a raider camp. Its next to a cash register right before you encounter a turret and a couple of raiders on a small bridge.

One in the Germantown Police HQ its in the basement kitchen storage room.

One in the Arlington Library upstairs in the media archives, its in the room on the right hand side where you download the archives, behind two skulls on a table.

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