Wait what? Running with scissors has released a new patch for Postal 2 MP? I checked the date on the press release and it does say today’s date, so I guess it’s not just the Nyquil playing tricks on me.

This isn’t just a little patch either. It’s a huge patch fixing tons of bugs, adding new weapons, game modes, controls and much, much more.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new gametypes and weapons:

New Gametypes

In this game type all players start off as infidels in search for the bomb jacket. When a player collects the jacket, he is on a jihad and must kill as many infidels as he can before he himself is killed. Only those on a jihad can score points. Infidels can not kill each other or will be punished. The player with the bomb jacket can also blow himself up, getting points for anyone he kills in close range.


Postal arena uses its own maps to place two players in a one on one battle, and 3 maps are included. Spectators can watch from the sideline until it is their turn to fight. Winner stays on.

King of the hill

Each map has at least one hill spot mark by a floating RWS sign. Enter the ‘hill zone’ to start gaining points, and make sure you keep everyone else out! You only gain points from being inside the hill, not from frags.


Airmail is an original postal 2 gametype that places powerup packages thought out the map. They range from boots that make you jump higher to Mario style invincibility. Some powerups are activated, some work automatically. By far the most impressive and popular postal 2 mod/gametype ever, well I say gametype, but it really a mutator so it’s possible to add the Airmail powerups to ALL of postals gametypes, including snatch!

New Weapons!

Sledge hammer

The Sledge hammer from Apocalypse weekend now available in Share the pain and included in all the maps. Map makers can also place it in the maps with this patch installed. The alt fires works too, so be prepared to kick away a flying sledge coming your way!

Unholy Grenade

The unholy grenade is primarily for the jihad gametype, but can be placed in maps or used with 1409X’s weapon replacers in other gametypes. Black in color, it bounces more then a normal grenade and has a MUCH larger blast radius. If you see one of these coming be sure to run!

This patch is so huge you’ll have to check out the pdf file here. You would be scrolling for an hour if I posted it here.

To download the client side patch users can find the installer for Windows here while the Zip archive for Linux, Mac and Windows (Manual install) is here and the full 1409X dedicated server for Windows is located here.

For gamers who would like to rent a dedicated server to run a POSTAL 2 1409X server, we highly recommend http://artofwarcentral.com/ — and additional support for running servers is available if needed, via info@gopostal.com.

And don’t forget – POSTAL 2 Multiplayer has been free for some time in Windows, Linux and Mac formats, so if you have not done so already, get in on the mad, mad world of POSTAL 2 Multiplayer — which is, even now, getting a whole new lease on life. Here’s where you go:

Windows: http://www.gamershell.com/download_26434.shtml

Linux: http://www.atomicgamer.com/file.php?id=69755

Mac OSX: http://www.atomicgamer.com/file.php?id=69756

NOTE: For Windows only, 1409X is not compatible with Linux servers (sorry!), though Linux users can still install the patch and join Windows servers, as 1409X will work on both dedicated listen (in-game) servers.

Better late then never I guess, right?

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