‘Time Gentlemen, Please!’ is the hilarious follow-up to 2008’s award-winning comedy adventure game ‘Ben There, Dan That!’.

After their original outrageous misadventures, layabout geeks Dan and Ben find themselves as accidental and somewhat-neglectful Rulers of the Earth and as such, proud owners of 6 billion corpses. What’s more, ‘fixing everything up’ by craftily popping back in time has resulted in an alternate-universe Hitler with an entire army of goose-stepping Nazi dinosaur clones! Whoopsie!

Now they’re going to need your help to get out of what is, let’s be honest, a thoroughly preposterous mess.

‘Time Gentlemen, Please!’ is a classic point-and-click adventure game, dragged into the 21st century with over-indulgent use of all the different colours, a full glorious soundtrack and those trendy particle effects the kids seem to need, to enjoy themselves these days.

All this for only £2.99/ $5ish, which is pretty much the same as a pint in an overpriced London boozer. Bargain.

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