Watch your Friend’s list, 360 gamers! One of your pals might be playing in the Modern Warfare 3 closed multiplayer beta.

As nothing has been publicly announced about a beta or playtesting, I can speculate that it is a closed beta and that Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games probably don’t want anyone to know about it.

On user A4VARMY’s Twitpic account she posted the picture, which you can see above. [Update]: A second image has been posted showing the player’s Gamertag] Does this mean that we could be seeing a public beta for Modern Warfare 3? Possibly, but with nothing announce, everything is in the air until we can even get some confirmation on this incident. Knowing Activision, everything involving this picture will be denied if we weren’t supposed to find out about it. We’ve asked the parties involved for any comment, just to be safe.

With this being the 16th title in the franchise, do you guys even want a public beta for Modern Warfare 3? I would be interested in playing it just to see if it was any different than previous versions. Let’s not kid ourselves though: it’s Call of Duty and it’s going to be the same basic game, with small additional things to change gameplay just enough to keep the casual audience happy. And those folks will get a chance to kick the multiplayer’s tires at the Call of Duty XP event in September.

Just to note, no employees from Infinity Ward or Activision have made any announcement or comments about someone playing the Modern Warfare 3 Beta. Remember to leave your comments below and have a great holiday weekend!

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