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In the days of the SNES, developers would never be able to update their games once they were released, unless they were on PC. Even with early games on the Xbox, most titles never released patches because people didn’t expect them.

Now in late 2011, people expect games to come out with few to little problems, especially ones that receive as much praise or hype as Dead Island did. Deep Silver, publisher of the game, proclaimed there would be a Day One patch with a couple dozen fixes. According to a post by BuyPoe, the Xbox 360 patch didn’t reach Microsoft certification, and the PlayStation 3 patch actually made the game worse causing save issues. The article talks nothing about a PC patch, and the Steam community wasn’t going to wait any longer.

Starting a week ago on the Steam forums, gamers began creating mods to fix glitches in the game. The forum topic now includes over 1,300 comments and 60 mods that include fixes to glitches. Most of these mods don’t fix the latter, though, as they add different effects or change core gameplay experiences.

The issue that drives me nuts is the fact that Deep Silver promised a patch day one, earlier this month, and there wasn’t one until this week. The community surrounding Dead Island had to take it upon themselves to fix the issues that were promised. As a company, when you create a public obligation to your audience, usually it’s best to fulfill that.

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