For baseball fans, the NFL’s Pro Bowl is a sign that Spring Training is right around the corner. Sony didn’t want to wait any longer and I’m glad they didn’t as the first trailer for MLB 12 The Show looks fantastic! Coming out on March 6th just three weeks before opening day, the game looks to be similar to other versions in the past except there are a few upgrades this year.

According to the official Playstation Blog, you’ll be able to use the Playstation Move during gameplay, have a more realistic broadcast experience with TruBroadcast, updated ball and bat physics, PS Vita integration & more to be announced in the future. Using the Vita’s remote play feature, you’ll be able to continue playing your games with a WiFi connection while you are away from your Playstation 3. Those casual gamers may be interested to try out the Move if they already have the Wiimote rip-offs. Check out the trailer below!

Picture – Wikipedia

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