Continuing the tradition Bethesda established with Fallout 3, for one month after their release, Xbox LIVE will be the only place you can get the first two “add-on content drops” for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A similar timed exclusivity deal is currently in place with Activision for all of Call of Duty‘s DLC through next year.

What exactly these two packs will entail remains to be seen, as does their price, and when they’re scheduled to start launching. If history is anything to go by, we can probably expect at least one prior to the end of the year, if not very early in 2012; Skyrim hits November 11th.

Bethesda didn’t say whether or not Skyrim would only see these two yet-to-be-detailed DLCs, but they have indicated that a focus on fewer, but more substantial, add-on pieces would be ideal.

So make note of this announcement, as it’s sure to affect the decision of some on which version of Skyrim to purchase, knowing those who pick PS3 and PC will have a 30-day wait for more adventures. But it’s not like the base game itself is incredibly lengthy, or anything.

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