Games were released.

…and the freebies are KILLER this week!

Smiles shined.

Time was non-existant.


774 Deaths
” 774 Deaths is a murderously difficult action platformer that is certain to chew up and spit out even the world’s best gamers.”SquareEnix

Gunman Clive
“Jump and shoot your way across 16 diverse and challenging levels and fight massive bosses. Gunman Clive is an old-school sidescrolling platform game set in the old west with full 3D graphics and a unique artstyle.”Bertil Horberg

Avernum: Escape From The Pit HD
“Epic fantasy adventure in an enormous underworld & eighty towns and dungeons.
Three separate game-winning quests. Seek safety, escape or revenge. Do just one of them or all three! Rich game system with over 50 spells and battle disciplines and a multitude of beneficial character traits to choose from.”Spiderweb Software

On The Wind
“Take control of the wind and guide the leaves through a beautiful and stylish world. Try to survive through the year as the seasons change and the leaves fall.”Don’t Step On The Cracks

“Each of the five CreaVures – Bitey, Pokey, Rolly, Zappy, and Glidey – has a unique talent suited for solving special puzzles and surviving tough enemies, including terrifying boss battles at the end of each chapter. Only by working together can the CreaVures restore their forest home.”Chillingo

Bug Princess 2
“Bringing “Bug Princess 2” straight from the arcade!
Guide one of the two playable characters, Reco or Palm through storms of bullets and set off for an adventurous journey to Utakata Village!”Cave


Saturday Morning RPG
“Saturday Morning RPG is an episodic role-playing game firmly set in a world inspired by 1980s Saturday morning cartoons.”Joystick Lab

8Bit Ninja
“In this juicy ninja game, your goal is to survive as long as possible while avoiding waves of melons, coconuts, oranges, lemons and the ultra rare dragon fruits! Use your ninja weapon arsenal to blow the fruits into tasty pieces! Yummy!”Dogbyte Games


Gun Runner
“Run, jump, and shoot. Did we mention shooting? We didn’t call the game “Gun Runner” for nothing. Unload the most wicked, alien-stomping weapons ever to grace this planet.”Man Up Time

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