Releasing one month from today for Xbox Live, I Am Alive is finally coming out. Seems like forever since E3 2007, where we first were introduced to the destroyed town that once was Chicago. After a 9.1 earthquake, the city of Haventon was destroyed and apparently no one has come to save the survivors of the disaster. Hopefully, we’ll see some subtle story telling regarding what has happened to the rest of the world through the eye’s of I Am Alive’s protagonist.

Speaking of survivor, this piece is all about the trailer that’s been released today. Survival is the only friend that the main character has left, as his office mates have been killed off by natural disasters or “civil disputes”. Oh, climbing will help too. A release date for the Playstation Network hasn’t been officially announced, but I Am Alive is expected to be released on the Sony Marketplace by the end of April. The video content features gameplay that has been rated M for Mature. Those below the age of 17, we don’t suggest you watch it because of legal obligations but we can’t stop you.

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