Columbia Pictures appears to be heading into uncharted territory with the upcoming adaptation of Sony and Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, and I do use the term “adaptation” loosely.

After news that Mark Wahlberg has been cast as the main character, possibly alongside Joe Pesci and Robert DeNiro (Nate’s uncle and father, respectively), this week brings more details on the live-action film. Uncharted director David O. Russell spoke with the LA Times, and revealed that his script is not so much a translation of the videogame to the big screen, as it is (likely a pre-existing) action romp that has been retrofitted to use the popular property. Ingenious!

The screenplay is apparently half-way completed, with shooting slated to begin in summer 2011, and O. Russell says, “This idea really turns me on that there’s a family [of Nathan Drake’s] that’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of international art and antiquities … [a family] that deals with heads of state and heads of museums and metes out justice.

We’ll have the family dynamic, which we’ve done in a couple of movies now,” he said. “And then you take that and put it on the bigger, more muscular stage of an international action picture, but also put all the character stuff in it. That’s a really cool idea to me.

So, you see… Well…  Yeah I have nothing here.

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