As we found out a few weeks ago, VidRhythm will be Harmonix’s first in-house project for iOS, and it’s coming out really soon. Like, next month soon. But just what is it? The studio said it wasn’t exactly a game; not in the sense you’re used to.

This week IGN has posted the first details of VidRhythm, which is unsurprisingly a music video creation application. Players will use their iDevice camera to record six short clips, which can then be edited together with one of the app’s included 25 tracks, and a video style.

After that, you take your bizarre, probably-terrible-more-often-than-not creation, and upload it to YouTube or Facebook for world to see. Yes, thanks to Harmonix you could very well become the next internet sensation! But likely not. It’s nice to dream, though. Alternatively, the mash-ups can be exported as .mov files for playback.

VidRhythm hits iTunes’s App Store in early September.

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