When Sony initially made their PS4 announcement, one of the debuted games that had people buzzing was a game called Knack. Mankind must depend on an unlikely little hero (the namesake of the game) to save them; Knack can use relics to add mass to himself and gain special powers that help to defeat the nefarious enemies.


The E3 demo consisted of three levels/environments; Knack made his way through a city, an indoor lab of some sort, and an icy cavern before finding his way back to the city. Fans of the Ratchet & Clank series will feel right at home with the animation style; everything was super crisp and looked great. What was especially impressive were the animations that made up Knack’s morphing abilities and special moves; there didn’t seem to be even a split-second of slowdown even with what had to be thousands of particles flying around the screen at any given time.

I had a lot of fun running around and dispatching enemies; the main attack had Knack curling up into a ball and dashing at the nearest enemy, and his special attacks were especially cool. You can destroy most of the little set pieces around the levels, and there were special stones you could break apart that would add to Knack’s body; by the end of the demo he had gone from a tiny little guy to a giant, hulking golem-type creature. There were also pieces of gadgets hiding in secluded treasure chests; once assembled, these gadgets gave Knack a new power or ability.


I didn’t get a whole lot of a story revealed to me in my short time with the demo, which was actually cut shorter than normal when the game froze on me. Even with that small setback, I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and look forward to checking it out at length when it finds its ways to stores along the PS4.

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